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This is a long overdue thank you and praise letter but I guess the old saying "better late then never" applies. When I began chiropractic treatment with you approximately one year ago, I had daily tension headaches, facial pain and neck pain.  I had seen more doctors and had more tests than I care to recount and none of the drugs or recommemdations worked. I had also been under fairly constant chiropractic care for years which included the use of  ultrasound treatments 4-5 times a week at times. This chiropractor helped with my symptoms but I was unable to hold an adjustment for more than a few hours and then I'd be back in pain. Pain, as we al know, makes a person weary; I was very weary and had essentially "given up" and had come to accept that pain was to be a daily part of my life. Then I was introduced to you!! What a change in a few adjustments!! I was pain free for a whole day! MY facial pain and nack pain has been a hurdle but as long as I am adjusted regularly. I am relatively free of pain.

I cannot fully thank you without addressing the spiritual support you've given me and my son Michael. Our beliefs and faith are the same and I always know I'm free to express whatever I'm feeling with you- knowing that you'll be able to handle it. Some days just being able to have a five minute cry and express all the frustrations I'm feeling and then get adjusted, allow me to go back out there and do it all again.  I feel God works through you and I feel blessed that guided us to you."

~ Cydnie G.


  In the midst of possible changes in our nation's healthcare reform, I have learned that treatment at Cirio Chiropractic Centre needs no changes.

I met Dr. Cirio (or Ardel, as I prefer to call him) throgh his wife, Mimi, at an informal picnic at their home. I knew nothing about chiropractic care, but chose instead to believe all the "myths" I had heard in the past from others.

Usually, the Cirio's entertained in their home on weekends, and adjusted people became a regular part of the activity! I wanted no part of it; unfortunately, Dr. Cirio saw things differently! Several months into a friendship with them, I reluctantly agreed (Ardel is very persuasive.) to be adjusted. My physical health has never been the same since! It's only improved. Ardel discovered that I have TMJ, which he treats now two days a week. In the process of a three-year period, he has managed to relieve alot of pain that I bear in my jaw, thus causing it to lock. There are times when I get bad headaches as a result of tension built up in my jaw. That's where my body chooses to store it. Becoming adjusted had also resulted in fighting off the common cold and preventing carpeltunnel. When I come in for treatment, Ardel can usually "read the stress" in my body, particularly my jaw. That's when he becomes totally interested in me as a person and wants to know what's going on in my life. He has become quite good at "reading me".

As I have sought Ardel out for treatment, he has not only begun to heal my jaw, but has put me on the right track toward eating a healthier diet. I no longer need medication to clear up acne. I now eat better and drink more water, thereby purifying my system. He is holding me accountable for all that I do to treat my physical well being.

I have noe been coming regularly to Ardel for three years. I have seen so many great changes, all as a result of his care. But there is also another side to his caring for all of his patients. He has also been able to minister to their spiritual well being, which is often a root of their physical health. Ardel is extremely dedicated to treating the whole person and is not just interested in their physical healh; he wants to know who they are too. I have grown to respect this man who has taken such solid care of me. He has also become a close, personal friend- a friendship that is also shared with the many patients who walk through his door. I thank God for Ardel's wonderful chiropractic care.

~ Lisa M.


"As a pathologist, I spent many years hunched over a microscope. This resulted in poor posture, back pain and arthritis in my neck (an occupational problem with pathologist).

Since I started chiropractic car, my neck pain has improved, my posture is better and I feel taller!"

~ R. Leardi, MD



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